There are two kinds of people in the world: those who make excuses and those who get results. An excuse person will find any excuse for why a job was not done, and a results person will find any reason why it can be done. Be a creator, not a reactor. — Alan Cohen, A Deep Breath Of Life


Here’s a poem I wrote (can you guess who it’d dedicated to? <3) Riley and I have been dating going on 21 months! We have our ups and our downs, but all in all I can’t see myself with anyone better, and at the end of the day I’m as happy as I could be. Here’s a poem to help you understand…
Although it may sound sappy,
when in your arms I am ease;
I feel free, un-judged, and happy,
I feel whole, I feel complete.
You hold my hand each time I fall,
and you always care for me;
you fill my heart with strength,
and when I’m blind you help me see.
Every breath you share with me
helps me feel like I belong,
and with your heartfelt melody,
I could sing the sweetest song.
You look into my eyes, and kiss me;
suddenly stress disappears,
but when it all just bubbles up,
you wipe away my tears.
Your ambition is contagious,
and it makes me want to dream;
I can be ambitious too,
it’s easier than it seems.
I must return the favors,
not out of guilt, but choice;
you make me want to help you out,
when I hear your martyr voice.
Although it may sound sappy,
I thrived when we did meet,
I felt calm, at home, and blissful,
I felt whole, I felt complete.

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