There are two kinds of people in the world: those who make excuses and those who get results. An excuse person will find any excuse for why a job was not done, and a results person will find any reason why it can be done. Be a creator, not a reactor. — Alan Cohen, A Deep Breath Of Life


Monologues are typically the best way to reveal something about a character, by allowing them to talk and talk, spilling their thoughts. Monologues are emotion driven, and are usually full of either fear, sadness, excitement, etc. Monologues usually involve only one character, or the supporting  character has a maximum of two lines, like below.  Here is a not very creative monologue I wrote in creative writing, so you can see what I’m talking about.
     “His hands, you should really feel them; not like any man’s I ever knew, I’ll tell you that. So smooth, and warm, like his smile – did I mention that he’s Portuguese?”
     “Oh gosh, that smile, Steph! And the way he walks is a mixture between Greek god and that guy off that runway show, the one with the perfect tush? Yeah, just like that. His biceps are so huge, I doubt that I’ll ever see a watermelon that size! I bet your mouth is just watering, isn’t it? Mine was too, no lies! And the way he rubbed his knee against mine, but pretended like he wasn’t paying attention? That’s the oldest trick in the book! I almost burst out laughing, but then he looked at me and, oh gosh, Steph, I caught a look at his eyes. That perfect crystal blue color, like a smurf that ate too much cotton candy. I looked away fast, you bet I did, but then he leaned in all close. I can still smell it; gasoline and freshly-mown grass! I want to just bottle him up and take him everywhere I go! But he promised to sit with me tomorrow, can you believe it? I’m still in shock – and I don’t have anything to wear! I’ll have to go shopping, but, wait, do you remember that little dress from the Zipper Depot? That’d be perfect!” Pause. “Say, can I borrow forty dollars?”

Here is an older poem of mine (about 2008) that I found in my email and decided I’d post. If, by the end, you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a message! Here she is:

She hides her pain behind a smile
For soon after a while
She feels her life slip away
And there’s nothing she can do to make it stay.
Fate, karma, call it what you like
But this young girl, didn’t learn to ride a bike,
She stays inside, covered in fluff
The doctor said she can’t afford to play rough.
So this young girl, is bedridden, now
And her parents, they just can’t allow,
For her to live life normal anymore,
But still this young girl, died at age four.
Everyone said she was sweet as honey,
Nothing could add up to her, not even money,
She was carefree and beautiful, not rude a bit
Funny how one little thing can change all of it.
Everyone told stories, of all her angel days,
Some even swore, they saw her glowing rays
Well now for sure she’s safe and happy,
Looking over everyone, especially her family.
Her halo bright and beautiful, just above her head,
She’s running, playing, in their hearts, for sure she isn’t dead.
She’s making up her years in heaven, city beyond the cloud,
Watching every day go by, Protect My Family, she vowed.

These are some words that define you;
Your faith is admired, and your courage is true.
The nights are short, and the days are long,
And everyone’s singing an empty song,
But soon the song will fill with words,
because the melody is all that hurts.
Listen close and you’ll hear the chime-
How was playing your fiddle for the last time?
You played beautifully and the music still flows,
Sweet and easy in each of our souls.
The prairie breathes quiet with the absence of your voice,
I guess I grew accustomed to hearing that noise.
Sometimes I hear words you used to say,
Your angelic voice saying, “It’ll be okay.”
The times flew by between you and I,
And when I think of the memories, I smile, not cry,
I smile for all the days that we shared,
And I smile to know how much you cared.
To laugh and share jokes, oh, I wish that we could,
If I could be with you forever, you know that I would.
All that knew you are touched by your name,
I take pride in knowing you’ll always be the same.
Nobody could have loved you as much as I do,
But if they had wings, they’d fly to you;
If I had wings, I’d fly there too. 

In Spirit of Friday…

Here’s an awesome video my creative writing teacher showed me a couple weeks ago and I just suddenly got the urge to post! A cover of Friday, by Taylor Hicks, and some other people I don’t know- but hey, it’s funny, and an incredible performance!

Stephen Colbert & The Roots – Friday [HD] on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Amazing munchies?


... the yummiest corn chips; jalapeño and 4-cheese *drools*

Its apple juice, I swear!

Yesterday was definitely one for the books in the munchies category of life! I managed to devour some Monster energy, amazing Arriba corn chips, tons of different cheese cakes, chicken strips, and wedges, Reese’s candy pieces.. and more.. om nom nom!  At least I added in some veggies with my mexican pita from Extreme Pita- you gotta love free coupons!

the most chocolately type of cheesecake Ive ever had!

a sample pack of 4 types of cheesecake. Can you think of anything better?

“Don’t try so hard to fit it when you were born to stand out.”

– Unknown

One-on-one Photo Shoot

Here’s a bunch of photographs; modelled and captured by none other than myself! Enjoy.

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